End of Free COVID Tests [Barrier: Cost of Care, Access to Care]

In an article in PBS NEWSHOUR from April 11, 2023 entitled Experts worry about costs as free COVID testing comes to end in May discusses how the free tests available for COVID will be not free anymore in May. The article states:

“Since early 2021, the federal government has required all private insurers to cover up to eight COVID-19 tests per month. That requirement will soon go away. Coverage is also scheduled to lapse for tens of millions of seniors in the federal government’s Medicare program, though some members of Congress are pushing to extend the benefit.

While some private insurers may continue to cover all or some home tests, there will be no longer be a nationwide rule. A two-pack of tests typically costs between $20 and $24.”

Published by Sarah Buckius

Artist & Educator living in Santa Cruz, CA.

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