When Aware We Care is a project that showcases “Animated Conversational Stories” to raise awareness of real-life, personal experiences of patients and physicians who encounter barriers common to public health care systems across the world. Through illustrated narratives, the project illuminates several barriers, including:

  1. Distance/Location/Transportation/Access
  2. Financial Constraints/Cost of Care/Insurance
  3. Health Professional Shortage
  4. Physician Burnout
  5. Health Literacy
  6. Communication/Language Barriers

This project is generously funded by SciCommMake 2022.


The journey to getting this diagnosis was quite long. We had to save for 2 months to afford to pay for it.


To get my treatment, I had to go to another country. To go to another country, I had to get a visa. To get to the hospital, I had to take 5 or 6 vehicles and travel 500 miles.


Sometimes I know that my patients won’t get the tests they need because their insurance won’t cover it.

Physician, USA

SciCommMake 2022 Grant Winner