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And then, after traveling 2000 kilometers to India, a physician discovered that it was congenital heart disease and my management plans changed. It took me 19 years before I had the surgery that actually fixed my problem. 

-Abdur, Bangladesh

I searched for 4 months for a private speech therapist, for my son who was diagnosed with autsim. But, it ended up that they were too expensive. So, I only have the option at school, which is part-time. 

-Amaka, Nigeria

I did not know which health care professionals could answer which question about my cancer diagnosis. Was it the surgeon, the oncologist, the nurse, the geneticist? Each had specific knowledge in their area of expertise. I am so fortunate that the health care system, where i was treated, provided me with, what they call a Nurse Navigator, to help me manage the experience. This nurse navigator was imperative to my treatment process to help me to get answers to my abounding questions. 

-Jessica, USA