Medicaid Pandemic Benefits Ending [Barrier: Access to Health Care, Cost of Care, Health Inequity]

An article in the Washington Post from March 29, 2023 entitled Millions poised to lose Medicaid as pandemic coverage protections end, discusses the fact that Medicaid protections will be ending in the United States. It states “At the end of this week, states will begin to sever an anticipated 15 million low-income Americans from Medicaid rolls that ballooned to record heights because of a pandemic-era promise that people with the health insurance could keep it — a federal promise that is going away.”

“The scale of the undertaking has no precedent. The number of Americans relying on Medicaid has soared by about one-third — to nearly 85 million as of late last year — since just before the coronavirus pandemic took hold in early 2020. Those who joined during that time did not need to pay attention to renewal notices from their states — which now could cost them their insurance.”

The article chronicles how this could impact a family in severely detrimental ways and how similar mothers might face similar challenges getting health care for themselves and their children. “As April 1 nears in the first states to thin their Medicaid rolls, advocates say many people at risk of losing their insurance are not aware of what is about to happen.”

Published by Sarah Buckius

Artist & Educator living in Santa Cruz, CA.

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