Halimah’s STORY: Financial Barrier, Medication Availability Barrier

In this conversation, you will meet Halimah. She is from Nigeria. She is having trouble getting her child’s medication because it is not readily available where she lives and is expensive in other forms. She experiences barriers to public health of Cost of Care (medication) and Access to Care (medication).


Interviewer: You have a child who was diagnosed with Autism and you have faced various barriers to medical treatment. Can you talk about the challenges with obtaining the medication he needs?

Halimah: It has been so hard to find one of his medications.

Halimah: So, many times I have to call someone in Egypt to buy the medication for me, and have it mailed to me in Nigeria. 

Halimah: Right now, we are almost finished with the current bottle and I am worried about how to get the medication in the coming weeks. 

Halimah: I learned there is a syrup form of the medication, but it is too expensive. 


According to a Kaiser Family Foundation, a poll from 2019, finds that:
“Nearly 1 in 4 Americans Taking Prescription Drugs Say It’s Difficult to Afford Their Medicines, including Larger Shares Among Those with Health Issues, with Low Incomes and Nearing Medicare Age”




Barriers to Public Health: Financial Constraints, Medication Availability & Cost Barrier